Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Mucha & Cliff (Magnetic Photo Frame)

A sweet design from the HomeArts store. Click to customize and buy, or take a look at their other design goodies.

Magnetic picture frame adorned w/ strikingly original art by Leslie Sigal Javorek inspired by an eclectic blend of styles: vintage Japanese wallpaper, costumes by Art Nouveau artist, Alphonse Mucha & various works by popular Art Deco Ceramics artist, Clarisse Cliff. Just slide in your 4x6 photo, drawing or clipping. <_a20_href3d_22_http3a_2f_2f_www.zazzle.com2f_homearts2f_mucha2b_cliff2b_gifts3f_rf3d_23815557361399109722_20_target3d_22__blank3e_20_3c_strong3e_20_see20_homearts20_coordinating20_products21_3c_2f_strong3e_3c_2f_a3e_ href="http://www.zazzle.com/homearts/mucha+cliff+gifts?rf=238781266834926639&tc=lightsblog" target=""></_a20_href3d_22_http3a_2f_2f_www.zazzle.com2f_homearts2f_mucha2b_cliff2b_gifts3f_rf3d_23815557361399109722_20_target3d_22__blank3e_20_3c_strong3e_20_see20_homearts20_coordinating20_products21_3c_2f_strong3e_3c_2f_a3e_>
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