Saturday, 31 August 2013

Fun with UV paint

The thing I do has its restrictions; you can't say much and that's really why I'm largely restricted to names. Or am I? In the early days of freestanding names, I messed about with using an image per line, like these :-

They're OK, but because each is from a different perspective, they're maybe "not quite right"?
The main feature of my designs is they are text, a conventionally 2D media, taken and made 3D. Often the first view of an image is a thumbnail and you cant really tell that you're looking at a photo.
So I've been messing with UV paint and I'm thinking that this may be my new image format. The flexibility of an extra couple of words means I can make a much better variety of designs. Here's examples 1 & 2...

The spirals are a bit dominant (they fell off anyway, the paint's not 100% waterproof). What I really like is the floating flowers. They're pink under "normal" light, called "Ragged Robin", I think. They smell disgusting. I just need to make sure that blue is not the dominant light colour in the letters next time.

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