Wednesday, 10 October 2012

HUGE Image Gallery

I've been reviewing the Names In Lights website, looking for where to make changes and improvements, starting with images and working my way through the "about" pages.
It's difficult to know where to begin and end with giving information; how technical should you get?
I suppose the key thing is that you have answered all of the potential questions. A couple of weeks ago, someone asked " do you get the stand with the letters?" and someone else "are there any wires showing?", so I'm feeling an information gap.
The first way I'm tackling this is a more detailed "about the lights" page, with a better explanation of how they're made and what sort of lifespan to expect from them.
We're also re-writing the "About Us" page, because someone else wrote it, and it's not, us.
Image wise, the images displayed in the slideshows on the product / order pages are only 700px wide, so I'm working on putting the full, hi-res catalogue out there for all to see, starting with "cutout" images (background removed).
They're HUGE - over 4000px wide, some of them, so they will be really larger than life!

I'm also going to do something I really don't want to do and that is, I'm going to open the spamgates and put direct "mailto" links on the site. If nothing else, I will win a load of lotteries I never entered, have bank accounts locked that I don't own & meet lots of Nigerian princes.

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