Saturday, 22 September 2012

Getting Personal(ised)

Personalisation is a key feature of what we do at Names In Lights and although we offer something that is unique, I sometimes wonder "is it enough?".
The new redesigned light bases, so far, will only accommodate six, or at the most seven characters, so, not long enough for EVERY name (although we can do up to 12 on oak plinths).
So, here's my latest development in personalisation ........

The gold lettering is set in a deep layer of clear resin (the lower case letters are 7mm high, to give scale).
This personalisation can be almost as wide as the base itself, allowing room for a sneaky "I love you" as well as all manner of other possible messages.
As it's a brand new development, I'm thinking of offering it as a freebie (the extra personalisation for free, with the purchase of a light) on Twitter, to a couple of customers, before I decide to make it an option on any of our sales platforms,

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