Tuesday, 11 September 2012

More Photoshop Fun & Frolics

 It was less than a month ago that the importance of cutout images was brought to my attention. Fortunately, I have Photoshop, so after a few tutorials and clumsy attempts I feel I'm more or less competent. It has coincided with the chance to get images on Pressloft thanks to Tracey at Wowthankyou.com
You can see them here along with some other great stuff from the Wow catalogue.
I'm mulling where to go with this, so for learning's sake (and because it's really difficult to find good, royalty free images) I'm going to play around with some of my old vector T shirt designs - for example ..

Ooh - in funky different colourways, too!!

I cut myself an alphabet from letters photographed "head-on" - here's a "water splash & reflection" from a tutorial I did. A bit rough, dodgy reflection, needs improvement but has potential.

So the brief I'm setting is to make an image with the chameleon, incorporating my new Photoshop letters and to not take an eternity about it.

The little stick men in the post below are not doing so well. Making such fine little structures is proving a bit more than these hands can manage. Daily use of vibrating tools is what I'm blaming it on but some of the finer control that I need is no longer there. )Perhaps if I can find some tiny hinge / pin style arrangement I can make them poseable?)

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