Thursday, 30 August 2012

Compliance and Conformity

Yesterday, I crossed something off my dread list. I guess we all have something like it, the tasks that make your heart sink just to think of them, so you put them to one side for a time when you feel "stronger".
One half of my list is the physically difficult stuff. I suffer chronic pain as a result of a degenerative spinal condition, so I have to plan these carefully with an eye on what I will be able to do in the following days.
Strangely, though the other part of the list, the petty admin trifles that I whinge about on Twitter, is more of a trouble to me.
Top of the list for a while has been PCI DSS compliance, required for merchants taking credit card payments. I've known I needed to deal with it for ages but put it off, knowing that there would be loads to read and understand; references, documents and passwords to recover. Predictably, it turned out to be not all that difficult. We are compliant.
In setting up the new lights on new sales platforms I've been asked for cutout images. The shame - I had to ask "what are those?" Simply, it's "whatever it is" with the background completely removed and it's the press / industry standard, apparently. White backgrounds, square images.
I'm not a massive fan of conforming but it hasn't taken too long to learn enough Photoshop to make a decent attempt.

That's cut from a photo taken on black. I'm working with photos taken on a on a white background, too but I think they lack impact.

We've complied and we are trying to conform. The only good thing about it is I'm learning more Photoshop than I would otherwise - the bad thing about it is the temptation to get up to some proper cut and paste mischief. I can think of a number of words that would be hilarious to "shop" into the often outstretched arms of certain politicians. But for now - this.

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