Sunday, 26 August 2012

Something completed ... Whee!

I'm feeling pretty pleased, as I've reached one of my goals and for once, it's happened sooner than I expected.
I'm pleased to say, that at long last, the new range of name lights is not only completed but photographed, catalogued and available now on Names In Lights.
 I have to say, that for me, the administration of cataloguing, editing and updating it all to the web was actually a bigger headache than designing the new lights and making the molds.
Now we can go right through from 1 letter or character, starting at £14.95... the biggest of the new lights, the six letter or character, which costs £59.95

As well as our own site we are launching soon on three new, exciting platforms but I'm keeping my gob shut about the details for now; you never know what falls by the wayside.
In an attempt to co-ordinate my shambolic online presence, I have syndicated the blog to auto-update to Facebook & Twitter. I hope that it will at least make me blog a little bit more often. I was hoping to fill the blog with posts about other interesting creatives and Twitter is where I find them, because I find very little time for much other than a little Twit & Pin when I'm online.
I'm really starting to enjoy the photography, now that the standard is improving. I've got quite a few ideas for  "setups" and I'm wondering if I will be able to get it up to print quality.
New video is also on the list but for the time being I'm trying to catch up on a few outstanding promises and sort out some tedious admin trifles.

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