Friday, 3 August 2012

Competitions, casting & under-catalysation

Firstly, to competition updates.
The winner of this months twitter / Pinterest draw is @BE_DAZZLED1
The new draw run started on August 1st & I'm pleased to say that we have plenty of entries coming in.
Toby, winner of the competition in the last but 1 post, is still waiting for his prize - it all went horribly wrong but it will get re-made and sent to its' rightful owner, I promise you.

This month, we are holding an extra competition to win one of our spiffy new-style word lights, hosted by our friends at

You can enter the competition HERE and special thanks to @TheToolBoxShop for featuring us in their .li

As we work our way up to ever longer bases, the process is becoming harder to manage; we are casting into flexible moulds but we need a good level of accuracy, so we are really having to up our game and think hard about how we structure our moulds and their casings.
The technical is featuring heavily at the moment, with each original model taking a fair while to make, spread over several days (having multiple pieces, original builds and mould pouring all on the go at the same time).
As an activity, mould making with silicone is special. The silicone comes in the form of a thick, white, rubber-like liquid, to which you add a catalyst for it to set.
Previous silicones that I have worked with come with a coloured catalyst, that you add at 10%. You can see when it's fully mixed. The new 5 litres, however, has clear catalyst to be added at "2-5%", which has made life harder and, if I'm honest, cost me some hours and frustration. A drip more than 2%, it will set before you can pour it. A drip less and it takes days to set.
I think that about covers the moaning. The new format lights are going to be great fun to make once we get into the mold set completed but the most satisfying thing for me is how very reasonably we are going to be able to price them.
If ever you come across any similar products we would be really interested to hear about them (or any brilliant hand-made goodies using leds). I spent a long time searching and I was surprised that no similar products appear to exist. I am not counting uplit acrylic sheet cut with a cnc machine.

Thank you for reading, it's been an utter

For me, if not for you x

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