Tuesday, 28 August 2012

A New Model Army?

Back in April, among the themes for photos I tried were some using small architectural figures. Flowers and twinkles are not for everyone and we don't want to "over feminise" the lights, if that makes sense.
Here's one of the images; it's pretty ropey but you get the general idea.

Poor though it is, there are some things I like about it, in that there's a human connection - the sense that there is a shared experience. The figures themselves are wrong on many levels, so I'm setting out to make "the right people".
 Physically, they need to be bigger. I'm planning that they will be androgynous, stick people. I want figures that I can make quickly and put into interesting positions.
I'm choosing to make them from Fimo polymer clay because it will be quite opaque at the thickness I'm using it. 
I've started out with a couple of little material trials, to try to decide how they'll go together before I start sketching. The first, flesh coloured one - too chubby (no offence) to go into the positions I want, as well as a bit Telleytubby. The white one is more of the proportions I want; the length of the limbs will help me make them look more animated in poses.

(Excuse the grubby finger marks - I'd just swept the chimney.)

I'm undecided about faces, as I don't necessarily want to have them have a set expression, plus I think I would make them look "gawky" on this scale. Figure drawing and (human) portraits have never been my strong point, though I can sketch you a nifty dog.
The plan for now is just to leave them with a plain, round head and make tiny masks, if they need facial expressions. It's not possible to leave them in their "soft state" to work with them as models, they're too fragile and they pick up dirt too easily.
Of course, this has to fit  in alongside making lights, and doing all the admin that I moan about on Twitter. I doubt it will be a new model army, it's more likely to be just some polymer people having a groovy time in the bright lights.

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