Thursday, 12 July 2012

Pets Competition - Win a Lighty Thing!!!

It's conventional to start a competition by letting people know what the prize is but this is a design stage, so the winner will get the first (and maybe last) one ever.
What I can tell you is that the base will be just like this ...

It will be about 6" long.
Instead of letters, there will be an uplit back ; clear, arch topped and it will include the name and picture of the winning pet.

To Enter

Tweet @NamesInLights - Tell us his or her name - Include a GOOD photo (this is the image that will be used to make the light)


This is not like our other competitions.
It will not go on for a month, like our monthly competition.
It will not go on forever, like our B2B competition.
We're going to pick a winner on Sunday night.

The winner will be the creature we consider to be the "best named character", the competition is open to any non-human creature (write your own punchline).
Good luck

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