Saturday, 23 June 2012

Musings of a maker

Even before we launched Names In Lights we were aware that we have a very high price point.
It sure isn't greed that drives our pricing but the fact that making these lights is a very time consuming occupation.
It's a problem that my mind constantly works on, not because we want to mass produce or make big bucks but mainly to be able to put them into the hands of more people. It would be nice to cut out some of the more demanding parts of the process, too.
We are actually at a point where we think we have solved many of the problems. Designs are drawn and moulds are being made; the fun part of putting theory into practice begins now.
We're not stopping making the Oak based lights, we're really proud of them but it will be a real achievement if we can somehow make our work accessible to a lot more people. Not just that, either. It gives us a chance to get our hands on exciting new (to us) materials that we haven't used before.

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