Thursday, 31 May 2012

Treasure Hunt Giveaway Day

It's been a long time since we made a blog post.  That's because we have been up to something.

On Saturday, Names in Lights are having a giveaway day. Nine lights will be offered to pairs of famous tweeters who know one another. The first to retweet wins their Name In Lights (and, of course, it's highly likely that some of the offers will not be taken up by either one.)
The offers will be made by tweet, with an accompanying lighthearted video for each pair.
(All of the videos are basically the same but for a short reference to the people concerned)

Also on Saturday, we will be giving away the same prize to one of our followers ( this is additional to our free monthly prize draw) on the day, in our "Twitter treasure hunt". To be in with a chance of winning, RETWEET all of the original tweets with videos attached (nine in all). The winner will be whoever RTs the most of the videos. If more than one person RTs them all, we will draw a winner from those who have.

If you are one of the many social media marketing people or companies, we would be really grateful if you could lend us your support.
 By support, what we mean is talk about our campaign. We haven't seen anything quite like this done on Twitter before (maybe that is just our ignorance). It should be interesting. We are not asking you to say you like it or support it; we would rather you expressed an honest opinion - if you hate it or think we were wrong to do it, say so!

We have anticipated several possible outcomes; not all of them positive but having had the idea, the temptation to go ahead was too great, they do say "who dares wins", don't they?

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