Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Here comes a B2B Competition for the UK

I've said it before, I LOVE running our competition and we have been wanting to start another for a while. The first thought was to do a charity raffle but that would be more complicated than you could reasonably expect. Besides, when I meet a wall of apathy, I usually head off in another direction.

So, to the new competition. Open to UK businesses only, it's designed to be as constructive as possible, so entries will be made on Pinterest, by posting an image relating to your business and using the comments box to "pitch" why you should get the light.

The Pinterest board for this competition is here.

 The thinking behind this is that
1.The board will become an interesting showcase for British business.
2. By encouraging your supporters to go and vote for you, you help spread the word about other small businesses.
3.The competition might encourage some small businesses who currently don't use Pinterest to take the plunge and begin exploring how best they can use this very simple, entertaining site.

If you don't know ANYTHING about Pinterest, here is the Wikipedia guide.

At the time of writing, you still need an invite to Pinterest. They are fairly easy to come by but please feel free to contact us to get one.

Deciding the winner is a bit of a worry. Anything where "you can get your friends to vote for you" is open to abuse, so I think we will try to recruit some judges and they could pick the winner from the top five?
 First thoughts are to ask the people who have started some of the British business hashtags if they will make up a judging panel.

Below are the images I'm using to set up the Pinterest board. If you just happen to be reading this and fancy entering, tweet @NamesInLights and we will notify you when the board is open for entries.



All of the current information, rules and conditions about the new competition will be on namesinlights.co.uk within a few days of this post.

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