Thursday, 15 March 2012

The Tracey Emin challenge - 1.

While we were developing our lights, we noticed THIS news story (source chosen for comic effect) about Tracey Emin presenting her piece "More Passion" to David Cameron. Obviously, this aroused our curiosity; £250,000 is a generous valuation for a light.

"More Passion" by Tracey Emin.

 By way of indulging our curiosity, we're going to make a light like "More Passion" and wind up with a tutorial so that you can make one, too.
Perhaps you've got better ideas for the text? Can you think of an end use for it; to raise money or awareness for a charity, perhaps?

The starting point of a good knackle is to know what you are making. "more Passion" is listed for sale (still) at -  in the description it says...

h: 15.4 x w: 44.4 in / h: 39.1 x w: 112.8 cm

Clear red neon

For our purposes, we are going to use E.L. wire, (electro-luminescent) because full-on neon is beyond "home crafts".
The photos available of this piece are all pretty poor, which is no surprise as lights are difficult to photograph without glare. Difficult to see what the background is really like but I'm thinking a sort of beige fabric? We'll sort out the rest of the materials once we have the EL wire and the driver. I expect we'll make the backing from softwood or MDF and stretch the canvas over it.
I've had a quick root on Ebay and ordered a USB driver and 3 metres of red EL wire 5mm thick.
Part 2 coming soon....

The EL wire arrived the day after and I have to say, it's really not that bright. We are going to shelve this for the time being; once we can find a charity who may benefit from it, we will carry on & do the tutorial.

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