Saturday, 31 March 2012

Time consuming Technical Hitch..

Shame I'm guilty of Blog neglect so soon, but there you go - nobody's perfect.
The truth is, things went wrong. Many and all at one time. We won't go into much of it here but the most time consuming problem is that one of our projects went wrong.
It's always the creative side that goes wrong; Johns electrical work is solid, known, planned. My work on the other hand, is experimental and can be haphazard and unpredictable.
The particular development I've been working on is a "message light", uplit letters behind an acrylic face. The actual format is fine, it's the presentation that has been problematic. When you have many words, what you get is length. To cut a long story short, the oak I was working with would not tolerate the technique I was using. The top of the unit was a long, thin strip, and it warped.
The chosen solution has been to use resin cast ends and a backed perspex strip as the top. So, making the original pieces to cast the ends has been the mammoth task.

Original - Original bonded for molding - Casting in mold - First finished piece, unpolished.

Here's a  photo, of the originals, mold and the first attempt at a cast piece. You may be able to see that the original that I've taken the mold from broke in de-moulding, so I not only have to take a second mold, I'll need to repair the first original if that needs another taken from it.
I'm not going to go into any mega detail here about technique, if anybody really is interested in how to develop crazy little projects at home, drop us a line in the comments and we will point you to some good resources and perhaps even do some tutorials of our own.

I was cheered up massively by the fact that we have been featured on by the lovely design writer Jo Gifford. You can read the feature here.

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