Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Great Aunt Florries Raspberry Vinegar.

This recipe was handed down from my Great Aunt Florrie to my Great Aunt Alice. From there it was passed to my Mum, who passed it down to me and now finally to you, dear readers.

It originates from the Lower Cumberworth area of West Yorkshire and is the one true way of serving Yorkshire Puddings. None of that filling them with gravy lark in those days, they did things properly back then.

I can vaguely remember being taken to the Great Aunts as a very small child so how old the recipe actually is I wouldn’t like to guess. Anyway, enough of the preamble lets get it made.

Using cheap malt vinegar (no need for any fancy stuff) prepare a bowl large enough to take one pint of raspberries for every one pint of vinegar you use.

Place the raspberries in the bowl and pour over the vinegar. Let it stand for 8 days stirring only once awiddershins (anti clockwise) each day. Frozen raspberries can be used but may result in a more syrupy end product, if you pick your own you get some fresh air into the bargain.

After your eight days have expired, squeeze the raspberries out of the vinegar (Mum uses a tea towel but I use a fine mesh bag) and discard the solids.

Add one pound of sugar for every pint of vinegar used and bring to the boil in a heavy bottomed pan. Allow the boiled liquid to simmer for 20 minutes and cool.

Once cooled, bottle the vinegar and enjoy.

To serve with Yorkshire Puddings.
Very finely slice some mild onion and soak in the vinegar for a few hours before pouring over the pudding and serve as a starter.

It is a superb cure for a tickly cough too when mixed with warm water and sipped. It also makes for a stimulating morning cordial and even mixes nicely with rum, or so I am told.

They say vinegar is a powerful anti oxidant so it is one of the few things that do you good without tasting atrocious in my opinion.

If you do have a go at making some I am sure the Great Aunts will be on your side and so will I.

Regards John

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