Saturday, 17 March 2012

Bright Communication - Saying it the right way.

Since getting the website up and running, we've been trying to draw the attention of the masses with little effect.
I've read a lot of marketing stuff; you may know some of the currently suggested ways small businesses can get some free publicity. I've been struggling to write a press release for days. Worse still, because we don't have the massive marketing budget you need to make press releases via  or , the chances are nobody will ever see them. If they do, they will see a few dry lines of text that will not really do justice to our stuff.
The whole publicity & marketing thing has been getting me down; have I really got to write endless grovelling emails to editors, that don't even get a reply?
Yesterday was my birthday and I got what I consider to be inspiration. Sod the emails and press releases, WE communicate IN LIGHTS. Like this...

 And THIS.

These are the first two experimental images. Some of the advice we have read tells you to be "different" and a pitch in lights is pretty different.

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  1. Keep up the good work! It's very different. Keep plugging away and I'm sure you will get more attention.


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